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Core-Process Psychotherapy

- with Senior Trainee Psychotherapist, Deva Manley

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As a young adult my yearning for a sense of freedom and a different way of life led me to travel all over the world for many years, especially in India and Asia. I encountered various people, cultures and life conditions which led me to cultivate a deep interest in and compassion for the human condition.

Nowadays this interest runs alongside my fascination with the nature of consciousness and ultimate reality and for many years I have immersed myself in Eastern spirituality including teachings of Yogic, Vedic and Tantric origin. I have been teaching yoga, yoga nidra and meditation since 2011.

I was drawn to the Karuna institute, a Buddhist influenced, mindfulness based system of psychotherapy due to its transpersonal and experiential approach. My primary reason for taking the course was to have an opportunity to work deeply on myself and go through a transformational personal journey.

Now at the age of 45 I am close to finishing my third year of training in the four year post graduate diploma and I feel that the psychotherapeutic journey that I have been on, along with the three years of training, has prepared me well to offer therapy to others. Furthermore, having spent twenty years on a path of personal growth, healing and awakening I feel that I am well equipped to work with people as a trainee psychotherapist.


Individual Psychotherapy

Reduced price Core Process Psychotherapy with Deva. One on one weekly therapy to support emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

I hold a safe space for all those wanting change, healing and growth. I practice from a dedicated space in my home in Dainton, midway between Totnes and Newton Abbot, (Devon U.K.).

Weekly session are 60 minutes long on a once weekly basis. 

Cost: £45 / hr   (Concessions available for low income clients)

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Core-Process Psychotherapy

Integral to all that we do in Core Process Psychotherapy is presence; it is the therapist’s present moment embodied awareness that informs our intuitive ability to respond to the client in an effective and positive way. We prioritise and greatly emphasises the value of the ‘holding field’; an empathic, relational container where you as the client feel safely held, seen and heard.

Drawing from a combination of Buddhist thought and practice as well as western psychological models, core-process psychotherapy weaves the spiritual with the developmental and psychodynamic theories of mind.

Seeing as each therapist is a unique human being with their own history, particular skills and interests, core process psychotherapy can vary considerably from therapist to therapist. I personally tend to emphasise the quality of embodied presence in the sessions as well as holding an attitude of loving kindness and warmth.

Core Process Psychotherapy is very well recognised in the field of psychotherapy and is fully accredited by UKCP.

In terms of derivation, ‘Core’ refers to our liberated essential nature beyond the domain of the personal and ‘Process’ refers to the psychological material that ultimately obscures our clear seeing of our essence.

The ultimate endeavour of transpersonal therapy is the resolving of these obscurations that we may ultimately know ourselves to a greater and greater depth. This said, most of us come to therapy due to some struggle in our lives. Whether it be depressive tendencies, anxiety or destructive, self sabotaging patterns of behaviour, all of these are within the scope of Core Process Psychotherapy and I am happy to work with clients who come to therapy for whatever reason they feel called.


Dainton, Newton Abbot, UK